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Is it really an English Pork Pie?



A “Proper” English Pork Pie in New Zealand? You’re having a laugh…..

You mean One with

  1. Hot Crust Pastry ?
  2. Rough chopped Pork and streaky bacon sweetened with a bit of Je ne Sais Quoi?
  3. Aspic Jelly made from boiled pig trotters?
  4. Finely seasoned with white pepper and a touch of sage?

Yes we do mean one of them!

The pastry is made using boiling water, the filling is measured and ‘hand mixed’ and the pie is formed with the help of a pie machine made in Leeds in 1952. It was exported from Melton Mowbray to NZ in 1976 and in a tale not unlike “Gollums Ring” the ‘Precious’ has found its way back to a ‘master.’ This is one pie to rule them all!

Ready to eat, Enjoy this product on your own, with friends, at a picnic or in your lunchbox.

Beef, Mushroom & Red Wine Pie

Beef, Mushroom & Red Wine



The finest diced end of sirloin, seared to keep the flavours in, then braised slowly for 3 to 4 hours in a low oven with local mushrooms and award winning Prenzel red wine.

This rich tender meat is then thickened and wrapped in our unique pastry made from free range pork lard and pure Dunedin spring water.

This is our Star Performer for any meat and two vegetable meal.

Try it for yourself and share your review below…

Chicken, Cranberry and Brie

Chicken, Cranberry and Brie



We use the tastiest chicken thighs, seasoned and covered with oodles of sweet cranberry jelly.

Creamy, tasty New Zealand brie is added into the mix then a rich chicken sauce, it’s no wonder this classic has become Dunedin’s favourite chicken pie.

Lets us know what you think, write your review below.

Lamb, Thyme and Rosemary Pie

Lamb, Thyme and Rosemary



We use both shoulders and forequarters of the beast in this ever popular pie. Once more seared and gently braised in Thyme and Rosemary to create a succulent meat that sits in a rich Sunday lunch sauce.

Wrapped in a soft base pastry with a flaky top, this little treat deserves its place as one of our biggest sellers.

Wild Venison, Rosemary & Red Wine Pie

Wild Venison Rosemary & Red Wine



When we say wild we mean wild. Not shot in a hunting accident by the bloke down the road, but this AA trim lean meat is shot weekly in the depths of Fiordland National Park, New Zealand then air lifted to Invercargill, where after it has been hung and inspected, it is diced and sent fresh to our bakery in Dunedin.

We rapidly sear it in special flavours and braise it for 3+ hours with rosemary in a vegetable based stock to enhance its wild flavours. Later we add the red wine and thicken the sauce to create a must have for Venison Fans.

Salmon Potato and Parsley Pie

Salmon Potato & Parsley



We take the finest salmon from the fresh glacial waters around Mount Cook, New Zealand then season it with salt, pepper and fresh parsley.We add in diced Oamaru potatoes and bring it all together in a rich fish sauce.

This pie has a serious following in Dunedin and is consistent in its praise. Ideal hot or cold with friends or family.

Proper Steak & Cheese Pie

Proper Steak & Cheese



A relatively recent addition to our stable of fantastic pies and already in the number four slot for most popular pie!

We added this kiwi staple for no other reason than the “yokals” adore it and really appreciate a chunky meat pie. The finest beef from the end of sirloin strips is quickly seared and braised slowly in a rich beef stock. We separate the juice from the tender meat, lightly pepper the meat, thicken the stock with a tasty roux, throw in a generous helping of tasty cheese, seal in our flaky pastry and hey presto!

Our version of New Zealand’s best selling pie. It’s a classic! Enjoy!

Classic Mince Pie

Classic Mince Pie



This pie is the bosses favourite!

He likes pretty much any pie but a quick lunch at the factory will invariably see him gorging on a ‘fast’ mince pie.

The mince is trimmed and minced by our butchery team on our premises so we know exactly what is going into it.

We add a good handful of chopped onions and slow cook in our red meat stock. Separated after heating the rich beef stock is thickened with our roux then reapplied to the mince and stirred, leaving a fantastic rich beef mince sauce.

We don’t add fillers like carrot, peas or corn, if you want them you put them on your own plate, we’re doing a real meat pie!

The Kids will love it!