About Us

In July 2008 when Steven Turner from Lancashire England, bought a corner shop bakery in St Kilda Dunedin, using the family’s mortgage deposit, he had no idea that people would be queuing up for his hand made pies and he’d create a demand in every region of New Zealand with inquiries from all over Australasia, but then again he hadn’t fully understood just how in demand real New Zealand  made food was.

World famous at the Otago Farmers Market, bit by bit, batch by batch he fine-tuned the flavours and the batches, tweaked the pastry, changed the ingredients, updated the styles and created new specialty offerings from Wild Hare, Steak & Bluff Oyster, Authentic Cornish Pasties and a Coveted English Pork Pie.

Adding capacity as he could afford and with the help of his bank and the patience of his wife, in 2013, Steven moved to a 400m2 facility and turned it into one of the finest pie making facilities in New Zealand.

Every step of the way, every move and development was to move further away from the prevalent industry methods to create a replicable process whereby people began to ask questions of their normal pie suppliers.

The quest was to be noticed, to innovate and to be perceived as the high end pie offering in the specialty food sector that is New Zealand food.

Whilst this is very much a work in progress he’s pretty sure the corner stones are in place and the reach into the homes of new people continues unabated.