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We are NZ’s 47th Fastest Growing Company

The Results are in! We were delighted to be one of the winners in the Deloitte Fast 50, New Zealand’s Fastest Growing Companies.

With our growth at 200.45% between 2013 – 2015 we were the 47th Fastest Growing Company in New Zealand.

We would like to thank all our customers for their support and ferocious appetites!

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Growing demand leads to new building expansion

Less than three years ago we moved from our little corner shop, into this “Massive” new building located at 46 Glasgow Street, Dunedin.

We didn’t think we’d have a chance in hell of filling it. However hope springs eternal.

We bought into this lease knowing there was a big 40m2 undeveloped space at the back of the factory, should anything change in the future. Well as we know, nothing stays the same and over the last short while the market has begun to change presenting new opportunities, new customers and a solidifying of what the customer wants.

Now Guess What?
Funnily enough we need to look at developing that space!
It’s like going back to the beginning all over again, a new bakery space for the next steps.

Development work has started this week. We’ll keep you posted!

Deloitte Fast 50 Regional Winners

Wow only a day away and we’ll be flying to Auckland for the Grand finals of the Deloitte Fast 50.

Whilst It’s pretty obvious we’ve not grown at the stellar rate that would allow us to steal first place, it is safe to say that whereever we are finally placed in the fast 50, we’ve done it from a purely ‘SME Start Up’ mind set. Aside from our fantastic team and learning on the job, armed with little more than a patient bank manager and a pitiful cash flow, we’ve managed to take our chances and grow a successful product and a fantastic quirky little brand.

A big thank you to everyone involved from customers to pie makers, hold tight and let’s see where we end up!